Skinny Moo

Saturday, June 22, 2024

About Skinny Moo


Another Greenville Favorite, Skinny Moo is one of Cleveland's longest lasting Rock+Funk+Dance Bands. Skinny Moo began as a blues band in 1999, evolving quickly into "an original cover band": unhindered by musical eras or styles, they are a band that take every song they perform and make it their own.

Audiences of all ages (and fans of all musical styles) respond to the chemistry of this group of seasoned musicians, all close friends, and all of whom have played in a "who's who" of local and regional groups. People can't get enough of the energetic delivery of songs that span the entire spectrum of musical styles and eras: from '60s soul and '70s funk through '80s pop and '90s rock and all the way to current tunes.

Adding to the band's appeal is their ability to improvise, creating impromptu medleys or inserting bits of requested songs seamlessly into whichever song they are performing - often with unexpected and amusing results. The goal of every Skinny Moo performance is to make music fun for everyone, including the members of the band.

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