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A Cleveland Tradition Since the 1800’s
CHAGRIN FALLS, OH   7150 PINE ST    (440) 600-2879
The old British bar that's always a good time By Edward A. Sotelo Spending time frolicking in the urban playground that is Cleveland, Ohio can often cause one to forget about the miles of fun lying outside the city's borders.  Bono once sang, "Outside it's America," and outside of Cleveland—especially to the southeast—lies flourishing forests, as well as those who work and play there. Should this sound like the stuff of myth and legend (or just plain gobbledygook), let's break it down. We're talking about lovely Chagrin Falls, and its truly legendary bar, the Greenville Inn.  A winter trip from the heart of the 216 in the Greenville's direction is gonna feel like you're in a mush-dog-and-sled adventure flick.  Fittingly enough, you'd better have the appetite of a mountain man/woman when you hit this spot.  The good times and good spirits at the Greenville are for hearty folk. No lightweights............As a drinker, you can enjoy $1.50 drafts on Thursday, beer bucket specials, discount pitchers, and other ways to cut your thirst. A well- stocked bar, full of fine liquors and choice wines, is also there to help you along. What makes the Greenville truly special isn't just its nicely-priced assortment of grub and booze. It's that hearty, rustic feeling of a hard-drinking history. The official story of the Greenville dates back to an almost immemorable time—maybe the 1800s? No one really seems to know, but the Greenville Inn's barn-like look, its tough but tidy wood, and its stouthearted attitude bring to mind railroad workers, barges, horse-drawn carts, and mustachioed dudes from the Civil War.   No such dudes were present on a recent Greenville Friday night; however, the revelers in attendance whooped it up like they'd just beaten back the Confederates.  A band played, guys pounded shots, girls danced on tables, and the whole bar reeled from a century-plus history of good times behind and in front of them. History lesson notwithstanding, the Greenville's a great place to get loose in the wilds of Chagrin.
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